Global Health 5050

GH5050 was formed to provide the energy and evidence for leaders, employees, advocates and organisations to make tangible progress towards gender equality and health equity. The report and its accompanying index review performance and catalyse change in policy and practice across 200 of the most influential organisations active in health and health policy.

We built an online platform which provides the ability to gather responses from organisations for their annual report. We also designed a website which showcases the findings of their research in an interactive index tool.

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COVID-19 Tracker

One of Global Health 5050's projects is the COVID-19 Sex-Disaggregated Data Tracker, which is the world’s largest database of sex-disaggregated data on COVID-19. The data is stored in a Google Sheet and updated on a monthly basis; some of it is scraped and the rest is gathered manually from a collection of sites. We built this tracker within WordPress and the data is fetched using Google’s API.